Dixie Alano Club Calendar – December 2018

* See bottom of page for Contact Information & Booking holiday parties

Day / Date


Wednesday 12th

Dixie Alano Club BOARD MEETING – 5 PM Puzzle Room
*** CANCELED ***
Saturday 15th

*** CANCELED ***
Tree Decoration: 3-5 pm 
Bring an ornament get a free cup of coffee!
Tuesday 25th

Christmas DINNER AT THE CLUB! – 1:30 PM
POTLUCK! –  See sign-up sheet at the club for “must haves”, or bring a “surprise dish” !
 * Contact: Kari Jimenez, Activities Chair – 435-773-2620
 * Events are posted when booked. “Book your Holiday Party Early”!  – See Club Manager (Meredith)
 * For questions or if you would like to volunteer or make a donation – See Kari (contact info above)